Further Information

The Diet Plate adult plates and bowl for men and women have been clinically proven to work to help control type 2 Diabetes. The conclusion of the trials, which was conducted with diabetics who used insulin, showed that the patients were 3 times more likely to lose weight than those who were under general care of their doctor. Insulin users should be aware that blood sugars were falling from day 1 of use and therefore medication needed to be lowered. The Diet Plate is extremely effective as a weight loss aid, it gives a “diet sized” portion of starchy carbohydrates and protein and unlimited consumption of free vegetables and salad. Fruit is also unlimited with the exception of bananas, although diabetics should monitor their consumption as many fruits, such as grapes contain a high proportion of natural sugars.


Metformin users. Although the clinical trial was conducted on insulin based users, many Metformin users have been pleasantly surprised with their doctors reports and in some cases have been taken off the tablets. You are advised to tell your doctor that you are using The Diet Plate to control your calories as this information is of importance to them.


Diet Controlled diabetics, will see considerable improvement in their condition almost immediately.


Weight maintenance and stabilizing. Once you are to your desired weight and your sugars are stabilizing, you will be able to use The Diet Plate just 5 days a week and be a little indulgent 2 days a week, however should you see an increase in weight, then return to 7 days a week until back to goal. By using this simple lifestyle aid, monitoring your intake of calories is simplified in the most tangible and effortless way.