Lactate Testing - HOSPITALS

The EDGE Lactate Monitor is useful as a prognostic tool to determine the value of raised blood lactate levels in septic shock patients.  In addition, blood lactate levels have been shown to have greater prognostic value than oxygen-derived variables (1). 


The EDGE Lactate Monitor has already been successfully used in paediatric (2) and acute hospitals, for a patient with renal failure.

is a reference for a comparison of the Edge vs. other POC lactate monitors.


(1) Bakker J, Coffernils M, Leon M, et al. Blood lactate levels are superior to oxygen derived variables in predicting outcome in human septic shock. Chest. 1991; 99: 956–962.

(2) Alastair J. Kidd and Tom F. Beattie, et al. Respiratory distress in children: another cause to be considered.  European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2010, Vol. 17 No 5: 303-304