Lactate Testing - SPORTS

Lactate Threshold Training

Lactate threshold training is done within professional sports people; this is done by regularly analysing a sports professional’s blood lactate, using a Lactate testing system.  This is usually done on go, so a hand-held system, like EDGE Lactate Monitor, is very useful.


Whether you’re a runner, skier, cyclist, tri-athlete, or rower, as an endurance athlete you need to race and train as fast as possible without hitting the wall from high levels of lactic acid in your bloodstream. Elite athletes and coaches know that increasing lactate threshold is essential to success. Now you can use this knowledge to push your performance to the limit.


Testing your Lactate levels during exercise can help determine your lactate threshold, and therefore could contribute to a better training programme.


Here is a reference for a comparison of the Edge vs. other POC lactate monitors.