EDGE Blood Lactate Analyser


THE EDGE Blood Lactate Monitoring Starter Kit

Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days

The Edge Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 x Monitor kit
  • 2 x Box of 25 test strips

The Meter Kit contains:
meter, 3V 2032 Lithium battery (removed for international sales), monitor checker, 5 strips, 5 lancets, lancing device, users guide, wallet.
Specification: see here

THE EDGE Test Strips (25/box)

Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
Discounts for Quantity Apply

For use with the The Edge Lactate Analyser.
(box of 25 with code chip)

Each box of 25 comes with its own code chip which fits in the back of the meter.  For accurate readings, this must be inserted (after removing the previous one) when you start a new box of strips.

Quantity Discounts

1 box @ £41.46

2 boxes @ £39.54 each
3 boxes @ £37.80 each
4 or more boxes @ £36.18 each


The maximum shelf life is 12 months and the strips will only be effective for 2 months after first opening the tube (see box).

THE EDGE Control Solution

Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days

The purpose of the control solution check is to validate the performance of the EDGE Blood Lactate Analyser using a standard solution with a known concentration range of lactate. A control solution test that falls within the acceptable range indicates the user’s technique is appropriate, and both the meter and the test strip are functioning properly.

Perform a control solution test:

  • Whenever there is doubt that the meter or the test strips are not working properly.
  • If the meter has been dropped, stored below -10°C (14°F) or above 55°C (131°F), or stored in humidity levels above 95%.
  • If the test strip bottle has been left open or has been exposed to temperatures below 4°C (39.2°F) or above 30°C (86°F) and/or light or humidity levels above 85%.
  • If the readings appear to be abnormally high or low.


  • The acceptable range for the control solution is listed on the package of test strips.
  • Use only the recommended lactate control solutions.
  • Always check the expiration date. DO NOT use control solutions if expired.
  • If a control solution test is not within the expected range that is printed on the test strip package, DO NOT use the Meter System to test. Repeat the test until a control solution test performs within the expected range. If the results continue falling outside the expected range, call the authorized dealer for service.
  • DO NOT touch the test area with the tip containing control solution.
  • DO NOT apply a second drop of control solution to the test strip.
  • DO NOT smear the control solution with the tip containing control solution.
  • Please refer to your control solution's package insert for additional information.

AgaMatrix 33G lancets (200/box)

Delivery time:3-5 Days
AgaMatrix 33G lancets
AgaMatrix 33G lancets

This 33G (0.2 mm) lancet is the thinnest offered by Arctic Medical and is designed to reduce pain of testing. For use with the Edge lancing device and any other Type A lancing device.

Size: 200 lancets per pack Description tab: Only 0.2 mm Re-closable cap Warning: You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use