Lactate Testing - HOSPITALS

The EDGE Lactate Monitor is useful as a prognostic tool to determine the value of raised blood lactate levels in septic shock patients.  In addition, blood lactate levels have been shown to have greater prognostic value than oxygen-derived variables (1).


The EDGE Lactate Monitor has already been successfully used in paediatric (2) and acute hospitals, for a patient with renal failure, and .


(1) Bakker J, Coffernils M, Leon M, et al. Blood lactate levels are superior to oxygen derived variables in predicting outcome in human septic shock. Chest. 1991; 99: 956–962.

(2) Alastair J. Kidd and Tom F. Beattie, et al. Respiratory distress in children: another cause to be considered.  European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2010, Vol. 17 No 5: 303-304